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My name is Frankie Morgan and I am 15 years old. I go to Harris Academy Rainham. I study PE, Media, Product design and Sociology and I aspire to become a sports commentator.

I’ve just finished two weeks work experience with London Youth Rowing.

On my first day I was at the Royal Docks Adventure, learning the names of parts of the boat because I’d never rowed before. After I had done this I took the boat out on the water and tried rowing for the first time. As I began to get used to the basics the coaches gave me more challenges to attempt. As I took on these challenges I began to gain a lot more confidence. Maybe too much as I let go of the blades and went for a swim!

Once I had dried off, I helped out with an Eastlea School Special Educational Needs session. This helped me understand how to help multiple people with different abilities.

On my second day I took a train to Syon Lane to visit the Green School in Hounslow. This experience was good for me as I have gained some more knowledge about how to get around independently. Once I had reached the station I met Steve, who I was shadowing for the day. He is working on trying to get girls more active.

I had a very early start when I was shadowed Dan and Ollie from Mossbourne Academy at the before-school session. During this I was riding my bike alongside the more experienced rowers, seeing how the coaching was different.

On day five I made my way to west London to get an insight into the differences between east and west London rowing clubs. My first stop was Thames rowing club. The main difference was that there was no pontoon to help you into the boat and there’s a difference in the way you navigate the water.

Day eight saw me take over coaching a group on rowing machines, by myself for the first time. This was a great experience. During the day I kept getting the chance to coach and improve. From this day I have learnt that good and bad feedback are both helpful.

The highlight of my work experience was when I got back in the boat and completed a whole circuit even though I failed before. I feel like I accomplished something.

This work experience has taught me to learn from people to be the best you can be. I’ve learnt to think ahead and have an open mind. I’ve also learnt that having a job you enjoy is worth more than a bit of money. I’m now more certain that I want to be involved in sport.

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