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Oarsome Challenge

The Oarsome Challenge

The Oarsome Challenge

Join us to venture along to most iconic river the world, The river Thames through central London.

Using strong stable boats, pictured above, we welcome participants and crews from all abilities, and fitness levels. We especially welcome people who have never rowed, and who would consider themselves untrained.

7th July, Meeting at 3pm Greenwich - SOLD OUT
8th July, meeting at 3pm Greenwich - SIGN UP HERE

Join us to:
- Have an experience like no other on rowing's biggest stage.
- Discover why rowing is the ultimate team sport.
- Feel the satisfaction and reward of an epic row

So go get into a team of 8, get motivated by the challenge and inspired by LYR!

The dates:
Thursday 7th July - meeting at 3pm in Greenwich.
Friday 8th July - Meeting at 3pm in Greenwich.

The course: The course is from Globe Rowing Club (Greenwich DLR), to Chiswick Bridge (Grove Park Overland train). 16.5 miles, on an incoming tide.

The Boats: The boats are called Skerries, they are 8 oared, and are very safe. You'll have a life vest and an experienced qualified cox. The perfect set up to induct you into rowing

Requirements: We'll need you to attend one of our training sessions on the Olympic Park which will be scheduled nearer the time. And we encourage you to adopt a regular training programme, at least 2 sessions a week, of any exercise.

Fundraising: This event is great fun, you'll discover something new about yourselves and discover a great charity, LYR. We ask for your support to help fund our work with a fund raising request of £200 per person. To support your comms and fundraising please download photos and logos here

Who is LYR: Explore this website to find out who LYR are. In short: LYR is a national youth charity, our core programme, Active Row, uses rowing as tool to motivate and empower young people from schools in disadvantaged areas. Our coaches focus on those who are disconnected from mainstream sports and with our Life Skills programme we draw out their potential, show them how valuable they are and ultimately set them on a pathway to achieve their potential with the companies we work with. We aim to work with circa 7,000 students by the end of 2022, between Leeds and London and are actively expanding into new areas. Pre Covid, our demographic has gender parity, 70% are minority ethnic and 12% consider themselves to have a disability.

Why do we run the Oarsome Challenge: This event is an important source of fundraising for the charity. We can use our assets and skills and give a valuable experience to businesses who can support our work. Rowing is the ultimate team sport, we deliver this to thousands of students, which works well for adults too! And we love rowing and getting on the river, so of course we're going to find more ways of doing this!

The Vikings at Hammersmith Bridge 2018


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