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About Volunteering for LYR

We believe that there is a deep inequality for young people across the UK - and this is no different within the world of sport. Active Row addresses this inequality by bringing an unusual and exciting sport – Rowing - to young people in targeted disadvantaged areas across the country. Volunteering with us could mean anything! We have roles spanning from event support to on the water coaching, to running your very own indoor rowing school club.

No Rowing experience is required – we provide the training. What you will be doing is helping young people to get a chance to access a sport they would never usually experience, develop their life skills, keep active, push themselves and form life-long friendships. You will also have the opportunity to develop yourself as a leader, coach, educator, event coordinator and manager.

We wish to find Volunteers for:

Competition/NJIRC Support

Every year we run the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships (NJIRC) and the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships North, this year the events are taking place on the 3rd of March.

We need volunteers to do everything from photography, to marshalling to supporting the athletes through their tough bit of racing! Competition is a vital part of helping our young people to learn how to push themselves and feel proud of their achievements.

NJIRC will take place in the Copper Box Arena, London, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3HB.
NJIRC North will take place in the John Charles Centre for Sport, Middleton Grove, Belle Isle, Leeds LS11 5DJ.

Please contact Matilda for more information and to sign up!

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Indoor Rowing Club Coach

We need volunteers who will, with a secondary school, help run weekly indoor rowing clubs. Here the coach will be able to directly impact young people’s lives by delivering engaging, fun sessions that will help young people to develop key life skills.

You will need to be able to dedicate 2-4hrs a week dependent, including travel.

The locations where we need volunteers are primarily in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Nottingham.

On the Water Coaching

We need volunteers who will support our full-time staff to run on the water sessions. On the water can be a huge adventure for most pupils and it’s great to see them taking their rowing to the next level.

For on the water coaching, we require relevant experience or qualifications to ensure the safety of young people on our programmes.

Life Skills Support

We need volunteers to be a part of our Life Skills Workshop Days; where you'll meet 50 of our young people and spend the day sharing the benefits of your business and discuss how these life skills are important in your careers.

We also need volunteers to be a part of our Life Skills Video Stream; these are resources our coaches show to each young person during their session, with the hope to inspire and assist them by sharing what the next steps can be to move towards that industry and for you to advertise your company as that next step.
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Who Are We Looking For?

1. Volunteers who are interested in becoming professional coaches, mentors, project managers, teachers, event co-ordinators.
2. Volunteers with a passion for rowing and working with young children.
3. Former or current athletes who are interested in developing young people through sport. 

Development/Recognition for you

Being a volunteer with us means we will support you to develop skills which you can take into the workplace.

You will receive:
·       An accredited online safeguarding course.
·       A paid for DBS check.
·       Optional Professional Development workshops and a coaching course.
·       Practical experience as a leader, coach, teacher, mentor.
·       Practical experience in Sports events.
·       Active Row T-Shirt
·       Reference upon completion of the role
·       Travel Expenses

What We Need From You

Depending on the role, working with young people requires different checks and references.

When applying to volunteer with LYR, expect us to carry out DBS checks and take child welfare & safeguarding references

Charity Number: 1122941. Company Number: 06243293. Royal Docks Adventure, 1012 Dockside Road, London, E16 2QT.
Tel: 0203 356 7178