Rowing helps develop

Successful young people

London Youth Rowing inspire young people to be successful.



Determined young people

London Youth Rowing inspire determined young people.



Active young people

London Youth Rowing inspire active young people.



LYR Champions

London Youth Rowing (LYR) work to get young people between 11-18 years active, in some of London’s most disadvantaged communities. Now you have the opportunity to join our mission. A small donation each month has a huge impact.


Author: David Tinnion


Total number of young people in our programmes in 2019


Total number of girls rowing in 2019


Black and Minority Ethnicity participants who tried rowing in 2019

Latest events

  • Centurion Challenge

    Welcome to the launch of the Centurion Challenge - One person from one club rowing 100km in one day. The Centurion is the rowing challenge that celebrates the rowing community doing something truly amazing for local causes - and it was all inspired by one lady, Lucy from Tees. Lucy's was once upon a time an overweight trucker, who found rowing after her diagnosis with MS. A dramatic lifestyle change led Lucy to becoming an ultra-marathon rower, showing us anything was possible... Read more

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