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Active Row expands to Nottingham

Active Row Nottingham will be a three-year funding partnership between Henley Royal Regatta Charitable Trust (HRRCT) and LYR allowing the launch of an additional Active Row location outside London, for the second year running, following the launch of Active Row Leeds in 2021. Nottingham-based Concept2, the makers of the world’s leading indoor rowing machine, has also supported the launch of the programme close to their UK headquarters.

HRRCT funding will be used to employ a full-time rowing coach to be based in Nottingham to lead the roll out of Active Row Nottingham to at least ten schools across the city. This new programme will follow the successful model used previously in London and Leeds, aiming to partner with schools to ensure that the opportunity to take part in rowing benefits those with the least opportunities. Each school will receive up to five rowing machines on long term loan from September 2022 and receive coaching from LYR and student volunteers from local universities.

The work in Nottingham will reflect the work that LYR has been doing in London since 2005 and through the new Active Row project that opened in Leeds last year, continuing to will work with young people from the least advantaged areas. Almost 30% more children in Nottinghamshire are claiming free school meals now compared to the amount being claimed at the start of the pandemic in April 2020. A report revealed that the number of young people claiming free school meals across the county in April 2020 was 19,783 but that this had risen to 23,649 by April 2021 - a 19.5% increase.

As with all of LYR’s programmes, Active Row Nottingham will combine both indoor and on-water rowing, with a firm focus on improving equality, inclusivity and diversity. Of the 11-18-year-olds introduced to rowing by LYR in 2019-20, prior to the pandemic, 69% were from ethnic minority backgrounds, 49% were female and 8% were SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) participants.

The growing partnership between HRRCT and LYR demonstrates the commitment of both organisations to opening up the sport of rowing to young people across the country to boost the diversity of young people taking part in the sport.

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