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Interview with Apprentice coach, Jordan

Meet apprentice coach Jordan, who is graduating from our programme this summer. He told us about his experiences, what he's learned from LYR and his goals for the future.

For how long were you an apprentice and how much do you feel you have achieved in that time?

The apprenticeship is for 1 whole year and I feel personally that I have learnt and achieved so much in my time with LYR. I still have 2 months left on my contract. So, hopefully there is so much more I can learn from shadowing coaches and hopefully having the opportunity to visit some of the schools which the community coaches work with. Thanks for this amazing opportunity.

Why did you choose to do this apprenticeship?

I chose this apprenticeship because it was something new for me to experience. I didn’t know what rowing was until my brother took me to a development squad session at the Royal Docks Adventure and introduced me to the sport. After that I thought to myself, maybe I can try this sport on my own, and 3 months down the line I got an offer on the apprenticeship programme.

Why rowing?

I chose rowing because it was a sport which focuses on so many fundamentals needed to be a successful athlete, such as core strength, balance and coordination, power and strength. Another reason is that in 2012 the Olympics were held in London and I got the chance to visit Dorney Lake where rowing was hosted. It was an amazing experience. I love delivering rowing to young adolescences to help them participate in a sport which helps them become physically active, and allows them to make friends too.

Above: Jordan - far right - awarding medals at the Schools Indoor Rowing Challenge 2017

What have you learnt in your time with LYR?

I have learnt so much at LYR. I now know that LYR are a charity which deliver rowing sessions to young people, many of which are from disadvantaged communities and don’t have the right amount of access to sport in their lives. Young adolescences from these communities miss out on the impact sport may have such as; fun and enjoyment, health benefits and broadening their future aspirations.

How has this experience helped you make plans for your future? What are your plans?

My plan is to hopefully gain a full-time role at LYR and continue to deliver rowing sessions on and off the water to young adolescence.

What was the most rewarding part? What do you think LYR does best?

I think LYR works at its best when hosting the biggest indoor rowing event in the world – the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships. I think it is a safe haven where young people come together and compete but also have fun doing so. LYR Staff were amazing, coming together and dedicating so much time and effort into hosting this wonderful event. It was an amazing opportunity for me to be a part of.

Who would you recommend this apprenticeship to and why?

I would recommend this apprenticeship to everyone – especially my brother! It opens so many doors in life and it’s a fun and exciting sport to participate in. All the coaches put so much of their time into delivering these amazing rowing sessions on and off the water.

Are there any young people in particular that stick in your mind from your time as a coach?

My time at Brampton Manor was a highlight for me, because the young people I taught, told me I was a good coach. I know I helped so many of them learn and grow stronger as an athlete, but also encouraged them to make friends along the way too.

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