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Join us to bring the life skills we teach through rowing to life through your working life experiences.

At LYR our measure of success isn't how good participants get at rowing, far from it. We value the life lessons they learn, the confidence they find within themselves, and we thrive when we see past participants achieve things they'd never have thought possible. Because of this approach we generate £40 of social benefit for very £1 invested in Active Row, making LYR one of the most impactful youth sport charities in the UK.

What we do:

The journey our participants go on takes young people who don't connect with mainstream sport, and find themselves sitting on the sidelines during PE, unmotivated and uninspired. We open up a new world by challenging their perceptions about what they can do. Once they discover LYR's version of rowing, they find enjoyment, and develop a passion for the sport and the community they find.

Our whole delivery is around the life skills they learn, so they understand what Teamwork, leadership, problem solving, aiming high and staying positive means. But critically they also become aware of their abilities in these skills, something they can transfer to any subject in school or activity they engage in.

And this is where our corporate partnerships come in. The impact of demonstrating how important and valuable these skills are in the work place is immeasurable. When our participants link the good feeling they have any one of the skills they learn through rowing, and a career path that values this skill, they start to beat a path to that career. They find ambition, drive and persistence.

We just want our participants to find their purpose in life. And Rowing, with LYR, is uniquely placed to achieve this for some of the hardest to reach young people in society. We're one of the most impactful youth sport charities in the UK, not because we produce champions, but because we work to transform lives.

How to get involved:

We run life skills workshops with our corporate partners designed to suit the schools and businesses alike. This means we arrange a work shop day to suit both in terms of timing and location. We can work between LYR sites and the company's own offices.

The workshop is built with the business partner along the lines of our Life Skills programme, providing a basic structure that companies can easily feed into, but that is recognised by the participants ensuring maximum impact.

If this is something you'd like to get involved in, please find our more by emailing us at

To really engage your employees into the benefits of rowing, check out our team building and challenge events, the Oarsome Challenge, Race the Thames and Centurion Challenge.

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