At LYR we believe that rowing is the most effective sport at fostering teamwork, discipline and determination. From experience, we know that these skills stick with rowers for the long term and positively impact their lives outside sport.

Our Life Skills programmes recognise that the soft skills required to be a successful rower are also necessary for success in the classroom and in the workplace. However, young people from the disadvantaged communities where we work tend to lack the opportunities and role models that enable them to develop and utilise these skills.

We help to overcome this form of inequality by working with young people who can benefit most from the support of our staff, coaches and volunteers, who each act as mentors during workshops that are designed to promote the development of crucial life skills which enable these youth rowers to flourish.

Nosa from Walworth Academy, a participant on our Breaking Barriers programme said:

"It made me feel like it’s possible for me to break my fears. The fact that I was scared to go onto the water in the first lesson, but it didn’t make me scared the second lesson. It built up my strength and put down my fears."

Above: Students from St Angela's Ursuline Academy at the Breaking Barriers Graduation 2018

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