Thames Tradesmen Rowing Club

Our Junior Rowing Club squads run after school club, usually 4-6 times a week with our London Youth Rowing Head Coach.

By providing a full time Coach and all necessary equipment, all athletes proudly represent both LYR and the respective Junior Rowing Club. 

We cater for all rowers from complete beginners to those looking to compete at local, regional and national level events.
We offer two main squads, the Competitive Squad and Development Squad. The racing squad is broken in to age groups and is for juniors that can already row. The Development Squad is aimed at those that have completed one of our learn to rows and aims to bridge the gap between learn to row and racing squad.
The aims of the squads are to:
  • Run a high level rowing programme similar to those in other well established junior rowing clubs
  • Encourage high performance rowing and competition, at regional and national level
  • Provide activity and social experiences to develop life skills
  • Engage young people from diverse backgrounds through the Active Row Programme

To find out more, please email:

Tom Rook for TTRC – [email protected]