LYR and the Sea Cadets are working to provide rowing, sailing and canoeing courses this summer in east and west London. Courses mostly take place over one week, and are open to complete novices with no prior experience. 

If you already have a Level 2 rowing coaching qualification, you are free to take sessions independently. Those without a qualification are required to be under LYR staff supervision while coaching, but will have the freedom to create and implement their own style of coaching throughout sessions. 

What this means for a volunteer?

  • One week minimum commitment 
  • Working directly with young athletes 
  • Experience working with complete novice rowers
  • Working with the LYR coaching team
  • Enjoying British summer time outside
  • Visit different rowing locations 
  • Hone your coaching and communication skills amongst many more

Find out when learn-to-row courses are taking place here