How has Breaking Barriers changed your attitude to overcoming future challenges?

Before the Breaking Barrier sessions I was someone who would usually get nervous around strangers and my communication skills were only strong when I was surrounded by my close friends. Once Breaking Barriers had started I slowly started engaging in open conversations with different employees and this helped me become more confident around people who I had never met before. The sessions have helped me develop different life skills such as teamwork, leadership, time management and communication skills and now I am confident that I can take these skills along with me and use them to face any projects or tough challenges that lie ahead!

How has Breaking Barriers inspired your future decision-making and career aspirations?

Breaking Barriers has now opened up many opportunities for me and has helped in guiding me into the right direction as I aim to reach my aspirations in life. I am privileged to be doing a week’s work experience with Tideway and I have just done the EPIC training course, I’ve visited the Chambers Wharf construction site and I have met many different employees along the way!

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