What life skills did rowing teach you?

Rowing taught me an unbelievable amount of life skills. While I was at Mossbourne I was training 10-12 times a week while completing 4 A-levels, so I didn’t have lots of spare time. The time management skills that I learnt during this period were critical to succeeding. I also learnt a lot about teamwork, which I wouldn’t have learnt elsewhere. Training so often with my squad mates meant we built up a real bond, and I am still in contact with all of them.

How has rowing helped mould your life choices/future career?

The results that I achieved (getting into Oxford University and winning the bronze medal in the British Championships) were things I was really proud of. The determination that was needed to achieve these results has set me up well for my career choices. I know now that I will be able to handle a demanding career, and have a belief that I can do any of the challenges that are part of the career.

Would your rowing career have been possible without the help of LYR?

My rowing career would definitely not have been possible without LYR. I was on a full rowing scholarship at Mossbourne, and LYR covered a lot of the costs associated. Rowing is an extremely expensive support, so without the subsidy it wouldn’t have been possible for me to row to the extent that I did. Furthermore, there is no way that I would have trained to the level that I did at sixth form without the structured programme that Mossbourne Academy provided. I think LYR is a great charity which does fantastic work, and I would fully recommend the rowing programme to everyone.

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