How has rowing influenced your life and goals for the future?

I think that rowing is just a really good community sport. I find that I can interact with people easily...I've improved by confidence levels in talking to people...I’d like to go to the Olympics. But if not, I’d like to always be tied into rowing somehow.

Do you think the rowing community promotes ethnic diversity?

I feel a lot of people think rowing is a rich white person’s sport. Once you’re inside the community it’s really not thought about, but a lot of people look at it from the outside and think ‘I don’t want to do that.'

How can LYR continue to make rowing a more diverse sport?

LYR encourages participation in rowing regardless of your background. I’d like to see people able to get a grant or a sponsorship...that would be really good.

You can learn to row, or join a boat club with LYR.