What did you learn during the Breaking Barriers ‘Break-In’ programme?

Breaking Barriers helped me with English. My communication skills have improved. Now, if I were to go to an interview, I wouldn’t be as bothered about meeting new people and interviewing. It’s good that it’s not teachers [delivering the mentoring sessions].

How did you hear about the opportunity of work experience with Tideway East/CVB?

I heard about this opportunity through Breaking Barriers, when during one of the [mentoring] sessions the opportunity came up and I took it.

What skills have you developed through rowing, mentoring and work experience?

During rowing, I learned how to work as a team and how I can push myself beyond my limits because I never knew I would ever row, and this increased my confidence, which makes me less scared to try new things.

During my work experience, I worked with the Legacy team, Commercial, Procurement, Finance and Design. Through work experience I learned how people deal with pressure, learned key skills relating to all teams, so mainly Excel skills, as finance requires it a lot. I also learned how to talk to people through mentoring and work experience, which prepares me for future life. I learned how work isn’t as scary as people make it look like, because with Finance and Procurement, there were so many funny moments I just didn’t expect, which made my work experience really fun.

You can learn to row, or join a boat club with LYR. Or, find out more about our Breaking Barriers programme.