What makes rowing fun?

Rowing in a crew with my friends makes the sport fun and obviously my coaches.

Have you learned anything about yourself through taking part in rowing?

I think I’ve learnt that I’m quite consistent, I get on with the job and I don’t really have off-periods. I’m consistently working very hard. I’d say I’m quite determined; I make my goals and try and achieve them. Rowing gives you a lot of self-belief and it makes us want to keep coming back to the sport.

Is there anything you’ve gained through rowing that your non-rowing peers might have missed out on?

I don’t think I had the same drive at school before starting rowing. I was really not on course; I was considering lots of tutoring in lots of my subjects. I started rowing and because of my teammates and the atmosphere at the club, it taught me to set goals. In rowing you have to understand how you are going to achieve a target. That’s the way I then started applying myself to school. I got organised, and I got a bunch of A*s.

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