Why rowing?

Anna: I did rugby and swimming before I rowed, but rowing is different because it’s more of a full body workout and is an action packed sport.

Tida: I like being on the water, not in the water, so rowing is ideal!

Do you see rowing in your future?

Tida: I’d like to keep rowing at university and maybe do a coaching apprenticeship with LYR.

Anna: I’d also like to row at university and see where it takes me.

What have you learned about yourself through rowing?

Anna: I can push myself, and be healthy and happy.

Tida: I can be committed to something, and I really can do it.

What life skills has rowing taught you?

Tida: Time-keeping; you have to get to the boat house on time.

Anna: Team work; you’ve got be in time with one another, work together and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses

You can learn to row, or join a boat club with LYR.