London Youth Rowing provide opportunities to try rowing with a structured and progressive introduction to the sport. Due to the technical nature of rowing, most Clubs and Providers provide a beginners course called ‘Learn to Row’. This ensures an individual is supported and given sufficient instruction to develop their confidence in a safe environment on the water. You can expect the following to be covered:

  • Regular sessions with other beginners (land and on the water)
  • Introduction to handling the boat and preparing to row
  • Balancing the boat effectively (with your blades)
  • Understanding how to stop the boat safely
  • Learning rowing terminology (the bow seat, stroke, catch, drive, tap down)
  • Learning to row in pairs with other crew members providing stability
  • Learning the basics of rowing sequence
  • Understanding the importance of core stability and conditioning

London Youth Rowing deliver ‘Learn to Row’ courses in the Autumn, Spring and Summer.

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