Junior Rowing Squads

Our Junior Rowing Club squads run after school club, usually 4-6 times a week with our London Youth Rowing Head Coach. There is usually a selection process and experience of rowing required.

LYR has an established partnership with two successful rowing clubs:

  • Globe Rowing Club, East
  • Thames Tradesmen Rowing Club, West

By providing a full time Coach and all necessary equipment, all athletes proudly represent both LYR and the respective Junior Rowing Club.

The aims of the squads are to:

  • Run a high level rowing programme similar to those in other well established junior rowing clubs
  • Encourage high performance rowing and competition, at regional and national level
  • Provide activity and social experiences to develop life skills
  • Engage young people from diverse backgrounds through the Active Row Programme

To find out more, please email:

Tom Rook for TTRC – [email protected]

Maurice Coughlan for Globe Juniors – [email protected]