June 13, 2022

Team Albatross - Digging deep for the team

We’ve just spent the last 2 hours pretty much standing still. Darren, Eddie and Will have just put a huge effort in to make sure we didn’t go backwards against a strong tide. This is probably the most inspirational row so far. Rowing, and often hard, to go nowhere is demoralising. It took them 2hrs to go a few 100 meters, searching for water where they could punch forward. To make matters worse, this was right outside the entrance to Dover harbour, which as you can imagine is a critical situation to be in. The temptation to stop and drift back must have been huge, but they didn’t, they kept going. As a crew mate, I’m very proud of what they just did. They finally managed to nudge infront of the harbour wall, tuck into the shore and start to make headway again.
Their effort, while small in mileage, is seismic in motivation. It sets the standard and will have a impact for the whole team for the rest of journey.
Sometimes team work isn’t fair, but we take the hand we’re dealt and make the most of it regardless. I aspire to be like Darren, Will and Eddie and that makes us stronger and perform better as a team. Thank you guys!

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