June 24, 2022

Team Albatross Q&A

Q: How did you cope with the hot weather last week?

A: The sea keeps the air temperature quite low so it’s not been too uncomfortable, equally at night it keeps the air temp relatively warm. This means that one set of clothing suits most of the rowing with small additions for night - which means I’ve been in the same T-shirt since we left!!!

Q: How smelly are your feet?

A: To be honest I can’t really smell them because i still don’t have the sense of smell from Covid, but my crew mates say they smell ‘delightful’. They’re also the easiest thing to clean with a quick toe dip into the sea

Q: How did you pas the time while you were anchored up?

A: We spent a lot of time re organising the boat, preparing for the rough weather, really master the navigation software and setting a clear procedure to change rowers to limit risk of injury or falling overboard. We also had to fix the spare solar panel. Finally, we’d gone out quite hard to try and make the window before the storm hit the Irish Sea, so we were all pretty knackered when we finall anchored up, so recovery was first on the list!

Q: What has been the best thing so far? And what has been the toughest?

A: The best thing is seeing this team, team albatross, which has had lots of changes and challenges over the past months come together and form a really strong supportive unit. Our approach to put the team first and do our bit to support the team is strong, and the teams commitment to make sure everyone is motivated and able to share issues and concerns means we’re all at our best.

The toughest was the other night, fighting a strong head wind and against the tide, so forward movement was at times zero, rowing to stand still in very uncomfortable water. Thankfully our processes kept us safe, and our resolve as a team kept us fighting. When the sun rose and the wind died down we were able to get right back into the swing of things and head up to the Irish Sea.

Q: What do you miss the most when at sea?

A: My family. I miss my wife, Eeke, and my boys enormously. But I know they’re right behind me, urging me along all the time. Without this I couldn't do it!

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