June 24, 2022

Team Albatross

We’re finding out all sorts about ourselves as this journey progresses. And because we can together quite late in the day, for one of us very late, we’ve adopted a very dynamic and open approach to building the team and making decisions. One of the key parts of this mirrors how we contribute based on our strengths, it’s how we also put our weaknesses on the table too. We’d all love to be great at everything, but simply we’re not, and understanding this from the team perspective as quickly as possible is key. So without grandstanding or gushing we’ve learnt a huge amount about each other in a very short period of time.
It is a very refreshing perspective as it feels quite rare, certainly in my earlier rowing days and too an extent in corporate life. Being in a team that is pragmatic enough to convey strengths and weeknesses without an emotional eye on the threat of doing so is a wonderful place to be. We can all be vulnerable at times and we can all be the hero at times, but together we have all of the bases covered.
Rowing is at its best as a team sport, bringing people together from different backgrounds with a single focus or aim and provide the platform to enable them to get to know each other better then they’d have been able to otherwise.

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