June 14, 2022

Jon - A non-rower at sea!

Reflecting on a great send off this weekend for the GBRow Challenge teams, and what bought me to lead the design of the Microplastic Sampling System, i was asked by a couple of the friends & family about my involvement;   Was i a rower?  no  [if you talk to Will or Emma by the way, that is a "not yet"...😉]. OK, well was I a scientist then? No. OK was i being paid to do it? Definitely not!

The reality I reflected on is that I am doing this just because I want to! When I think about why that is, it is because it is difficult and hasnt been done before.  It is the innovation, risk and the potential that inspired me.  The best reward comes from working hard at whatever "floats your boat" and making it flourish.

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