June 7, 2022

Albatross 1 week to go

With 7 days to go [WHAT?!?!] we're in full swing entering the last phase of prep before the start line on the 12th June. Will, Darren and Kat are sorting, packing and prepping the wet and dry rations, over 700 meals, supplying somewhere in the region of 4million calories, vital for the journey.

Andy was replacing 2 footplates to give the crew more room and greater range. Robin continues to build the route plan, an enormous task of delving into charts finding all the hazards and plotting a detailed course though them - probably the most important role on this hazardous journey. Finally Albert is in full swing making sure we have everything on board that we need.

The boats are moved to London on Wednesday morning, by race director Jim. They'll arrive at the Royal Albert Dock for the crews to do the final packing and light amendments before being rowed into the final location before the race, St Katherines Dock on Friday.

I can't quite believe we're now so close to the race day. It's been a long 6 months since the journey started. with plenty of highs and lows, but we're finally here, staring down the barrel of a circumnavigation of UK in a rowing boat!

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