May 30, 2022

Albatross: 2 weeks to go

Southampton Shipping lanes
Kat at Sunset

Four of the crew, Albert, Robin, Kat and Darren set out at lunching on Saturday to bed a few more essential skills and process before we launch into the event in two weeks [what... really... we've only just started into May... ohh wait...]. With a stiff breeze, and strong tides the light crew got a good taste of what's to come. With anchoring in the dark, essential navigation across shipping lanes to Southampton and LOTS of radio with other ships, these four are leading the team on experience.

After a rough night the four were relieved (and maybe slightly fed-up) when Will and Andy were able to join them and help row Endurance(Boat name) home. Stocked with bacon sandwiches, cokes and a little a treat the late comers were not thrown overboard for missing the tough bit!

We now have our final list of jobs to do, which is dauntingly long, but the start line is in sight. 12th June, 12:00 at Tower Bridge. Everyone's invited!

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