9TH MARCH 2018



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NJIRC is the World’s biggest national indoor rowing competition. The event caters for over 2500 young people aged 11-18 and acts as the finale to our indoor rowing year. Building up to NJIRC is a key motivation for the young people on our programmes.

LYR partners with 76 schools across London through new programme, Active Row. We are currently working in 17 London boroughs where we deliver indoor club and on water experiences for over 8,000 young Londoners every year. All partner schools are encouraged to take part, as well as another 60 or so that attend from across the UK.

It is a great opportunity for many of these young people to represent their school, many for the first time. We are also proud to present that of our 2000+ competitors, 50% are girls, over 60% are from a minority ethnic background and we cater specifically for those with sensory, learning and physical disabilities. The event really does draw in those young people that would not normally get the opportunity to race at a national event.  

Since it's pilot event over 10 years ago, NJIRC has developed to become a “festival of sport”. We work with partners such as the Met Police, Mind Charity and UK Anti-Doping to ensure that our competitors can learn about other opportunities available to them, over and above rowing. It all adds up to create a truly unique event that has raised the profile of LYR and what we do.

London Youth Rowing support anti-doping efforts in sport. The 100% Me campaign is about being able to say your training and racing performance is the result of hard work and determination alone. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with Clean Sport and why it matters. 100% Me will have an information stand present at NJIRC 2018, available to answer your questions.

Booking for this event has now closed.