I got into rowing through LYR, through Row East London, the first version of Active Row. I joined Globe Rowing Club and started to compete on-water. Through LYR coaches, I was encouraged to help with the younger participants in the sessions and learn to row courses which opened my eyes to coaching and how rewarding it can be.

Working for LYR has allowed me to share the experience that was shown to me. Rowing is a sport that allows you to be active and explore the water. Many young people will not have this opportunity in London and it is extremely gratifying to be able to provide the experience for them. Seeing a young person’s face when they have accomplished a rowing stroke for the first time or completed a session in a single without getting wet is great!

Being a part of LYR as a coach has allowed me to have the full LYR effect and to understand that rowing can be an inclusive and diverse sport. As a coach, you are exposed to all the sides of the sport – performance through our clubs, development through our hubs, and grassroots beginners through Active Row indoor sessions, taster sessions and learn to row courses. This really allows you to explore rowing and how it can have an impact on people. And of course, NJIRC is always a highlight of the year for all the coaches here, where all the hard work comes together and we get to see students from our schools compete and have fun!

A coaching tip I would share is to always listen to your participants – let them ask questions and have the opportunity to do things their way. It will help their development and can potentially open your eyes to something new!

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[Photo credit: WeRow]