Tinashe started working for LYR as a session coach in 2016 and one year later was hired as a Community Coach in west London. This year, Tinashe signed up to compete in the Prudential Ride London on behalf of London Youth Rowing (LYR). He was one of 5 cyclists fundraising for LYR. 

Tinashe explains why he wanted to race, and what it means to work for LYR:

I enjoy being out and about, so working across the capital and sometimes even across the country at different rowing sites, keeps me energised. Interacting with the rowing community, the coaches and athletes I work with, makes working for LYR special.

What inspires me the most everyday at work is how the team comes together when preparing for a session. Rowing is a sport that requires heavy preparation. I have to ensure that the session I deliver as a coach supports the club and athletes needs. I enjoy tackling whatever hurdles I might face in preparing for this, with my team and athletes.

For me, the draw towards Ride London was to take on a different challenge with the rowing season having drawn to a summer break. Like rowing, I love cycling as a way of enjoying the various locations where the sport can take you. Ride London seemed like the perfect opportunity to enjoy 100 miles of London and Surrey scenery.

The best part of the day was the start of the ride. For some reason I had convinced myself that this was going to be a very lonely challenge. But, being grouped with hundreds of riders at the start changed that completely. All doubts and anxiety regarding the length of the challenge went out of the window and there was nothing to do but just get on with the ride and that was a good feeling.

I was aiming to do the 100 miles in less than two hours from the data I collected during training. But, this did not take into account the two massive hills that were part of the ride!

Having done it once, I would absolutely do it again. I would recommend the Prudential Ride to friends who cycle, to relish the opportunity to ride on 100 miles of closed roads, and make a difference to a charity that means something to them. 

Want to fundraise for LYR while you take on your next sporting challenge? Get in touch! [email protected]