The Coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on charities across the world.

London Youth Rowing (LYR) staff are currently working from home. We are doing our best to keep our participants engaged and active during this time, when mental and physical well being is more important than ever. But, this is not without its challenges.

We need your help! Between 1st- 7th June, London Youth Rowing are challenging you to take part in Ok, What's Your 2k?

What's the challenge?

We want you to pick a sport, exercise or activity, then complete 2000 repetitions, meters, seconds or even miles in the activity of your choice!

While the challenge is inspired by the rowing racing distance of 2000m, we want you to get creative! What about 2000 sit-ups? 2000 steps? 2000 keepie-uppies? Complete it in one go, or throughout the week.

Post evidence of your completed challenge on your social media and tag 2 friends to encourage them to do the same! Use #okwhatsyour2k to let us know what you've been doing. 

When should I complete my challenge?

Officially, 'Ok, What's Your 2k?' is running from Monday 1st - Sunday 7th June 2020. But, feel free to keep completing challenges after this period and spread the word!

How does this help LYR?

When you have completed your challenge, donate £5, £10 or £20 to LYR to show your support. 

How will our donations make an impact?

Your donation will help make sure London Youth Rowing can continue on its mission during the Coronavirus pandemic, and continue to exist in the wake of the crisis. Our boats need care, our participants need crucial resources and coaching contact and our session coaches need job security. Your donation is going to make a difference to people's lives. 

Get in touch

If you want more information about London Youth Rowing or how to support our work, you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Or, email us on [email protected].