LYR need your support. Funding, in the form of regular or one-off donations is crucial for us to be able to deliver quality coaching, provide access to equipment and reach communities that need us. Our charity is growing, and we urgently need your support to help make sure so many young people don't experience barriers to trying sport and being active, healthy individuals. 

 Help our young athletes race this summer.

'I love rowing because I like chasing my targets and goals. Socially, it's training with other people everyday, training with them and racing with them and winning with them, it makes it so much more enjoyable.' Leila Bernstein, LYR Mossbourne Academy.

Our current campaign drive is to get our novice and senior athletes, racing on the water this summer. After a long winter of learning and extreme training, summer is a fantastic time to show off their skills, reap the rewards of their hard work and have fun competing with their friends. Our after school clubs, who train up to six times per week are excited to race at local and national regattas. Local regattas often cost between £10-£20 per race, while national regattas up to £35 per race.

The cost of equipment upkeep, transporting boats to and from events, coaching costs, food, drink and travel, on top of paying for the privilege of racing, adds up to an extremely expensive experience. And, the sheer number of LYR athletes wanting to race during the summer months creates a huge financial burden. LYR is not able to cover the full cost of racing, and it often leaves parents having to make up the difference. This can be a heartbreaking situation for athletes that have worked so hard, but whose families simply cannot afford it.   

Please give what you can, so that all our athletes have the opportunity to showcase their hard work, without unnecessary barriers to sport. 

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Should you want to donate towards other areas of LYR's work, such as learn-to-row courses for beginners, or our mentoring programmes, please get in touch via the Contact page.