Our flagship programme Active Row launched in October 2017, supported by our funding partners Sport England and Tideway. Our mission is to get 8,000 more young people active across the capital, through indoor rowing clubs, competitions and access to rowing in the Summer term.

In March 2018, we launched a new local partnership with Quintain to develop the Programme in Schools in Brent. Check out our video to celebrate the end of Year 1.

Highlights from Year 1:

  • A total of 2,783 participants
  • Over 16,000 individual sessions (throughput)
  • 11% SEND (Special Educational Needs or a Disability)
  • 67% BAME
  • 43% female
  • 57% judged to be at risk of dropping out of physical activity

Through Active Row we are working with 70 Secondary State Schools; 52 Partner schools and 18 Competition Schools from East to West London over the next four years. Our Coaches focus on engaging young people who are less likely to participate in physical activity, such as those from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, girls and individuals with special educational needs or a disability.

We focus our delivery on 12 London Priority Boroughs based on the London Poverty Profile (see the specific schools we work with in each borough). As part of Active Row, we are working with 11 Special Educational Needs Schools and our Partner Tideway funds the programme for 14 Schools along the River Thames.

We are working to achieve key shared objectives in the Sport England strategy ‘Towards an Active Nation’. 

  1. To help a wider cross section of participants to develop a robust physical activity habit
  2. To maintain physical activity in young people
  3. To work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and groups that are at risk of being inactive
  4. To reduce inactivity and change attitudes to physical activity

Targeting our Impact

  • Inactive young people
  • Young people who drop in and out of Clubs
  • Disadvantaged young people – Pupil Premium
  • Girls only groups
  • SEN and young people with a disability


Our commitment to Partner Schools includes the provision of Concept2 rowing machines (on loan), a dedicated Community Coach, online resources, competition pathway, young leaders training and access to free on-water rowing sessions in the summer term. We aim to provide the best opportunities to help young people get active and bridge the gap between School and community sport.

To find out more about Active Row, please contact Emily Coe at [email protected]