LYR Champions

London Youth Rowing (LYR) work to get young people between 11-18 years active, in some of London’s most disadvantaged communities. Now you have the opportunity to join our mission. A small donation each month has a huge impact. Read more

Where we row

London Youth Rowing provides on-water and indoor rowing experiences at 10 hubs and 72 state schools across London. You can learn to row, join a boat club or try rowing through your school with London Youth Rowing. Find a rowing location near you. Read more

School Rowing

School rowing sessions are offered as part of our Active Row school programme at a number of 'hubs' across London. London Youth Rowing also provides on-water rowing opportunities for any secondary school wishing to take part in rowing for PE, Games or after school activity. Read more

Learn to Row

You can learn to row with London Youth Rowing, at one of our holiday rowing courses. All courses are aimed at complete beginners, taking participants through land training exercises, equipment handling and on-water rowing both by themselves and in teams. Read more

Meet, Jakub

Meet Jakub, a London Youth Rowing success story. Read more

Annual Reviews

Visit this page to view London Youth Rowing annual reviews, highlighting successes from each year. Read more