Staff, trustees, partners, beneficiaries and friends of London Youth Rowing gathered to talk about the successes of the past 12 months and look forward towards what the future holds for the charity. 

Thanks to The Company of Waterman and Lightermen of the River Thames, this year's Annual General Meeting was held in the historic and beautiful Waterman's Hall on the banks of the River Thames. 

The 2016-17 successes were celebrated, and showcased by young people and coaches who were in attendance. St Matthew's Academy were thrilled to be there, and wrote about their visit on the school website.

Sadly, LYR Founder, Jim Downing, announced that he is stepping down at Chairman of the charity. Thousands of young people and coaches within the rowing community have benefitted from Jim's guidance and vision. He was thanked warmly for his amazing contribution. 

Coach Isobel took centre stage to talk about her LYR journey. Isobel began rowing with LYR through a learn-to-row course and joined Globe Rowing Club shortly afterwards. She told the room about how rowing helped her find continuity and strength during her childhood and how LYR inspired her to keep rowing in her life forever. She volunteered her time as a coach during university holidays, and was later hired as a Community Coach in our Active Row programme. Isobel's story brought LYR's mission to life, and is the reason the charity continues to exist each day.