I picked up rowing in high school as a teenager. What attracted me to rowing was the encouragement I received from the rowing community. I found myself surrounded by people who showed me what it is to strive for my goals. I have now been involved in rowing for 15 years and have enjoyed my whole time. Rowing has taught me to break internal barriers and motivated me to achieve. Through this, it has given me an active and healthy lifestyle.

I have now found myself on the coaching and mentoring side of rowing. I really enjoy being able to encourage young people to discover their own capabilities and find a sense of achievement through the sport.

LYR have a vision for young people that resonates with what I have found within rowing. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with LYR to deliver this vision. It is great to be able to offer the young people of London the support and encouragement I received when I discovered the sport. I hope to help them better themselves and become active, healthy and happy young adults.