As someone who has benefited from the opportunities that LYR offer when I was younger, I now get to give back while doing something that I love and that’s an incredible feeling. Having progressed from the role of Community Coach, I am now based behind-the-scenes
at LYR and have varied responsibilities. I am mainly responsible for how we operate day-to-day. It's my job to ensure that we are operating safely and are always looking to improve how we deliver. I am based at the Royal Docks Adventure but also oversee how we work across other sites. As well as the general operations, I work on two local delivery programmes based at the RDA as well as being Child Welfare Officer for LYR.

I love the variety that my role includes: from working with coaches to working with partners and young people, from helping others achieve their goals to continuing my own personal development, from the daily sessions to huge annual events we deliver. It’s great to be in a work atmosphere that is innovative and inspiring.

I feel fortunate to be in a position that offers young people in London access to some amazing opportunities. It's a pleasure to be able to work outdoors and enable others to enjoy the open air, particularly when the weather is nice. Rowing is such a therapeutic activity and can teach young people a lot about themselves.