Enjoy the outdoors, meet new people, learn a new skill and keep active. A perfect way to spend the holiday.

Tuesday 29th May - Friday 1st June 

Group A, Morning sessions, 4 Day Course:

0930-1130 (11-14 yrs) – Cost £16*

Group B, Afternoon sessions, 4 Day Course:

1230-1430 (15-18 yrs) – Cost £16*

One-off Taster Sessions, Everyday:

1445-1615 (11-16 yrs) – Cost £2* per place (please note, you cannot purchase these sessions over multiple days. This is a one-off experience. Please purchase 5 Day Course to enjoy multiple sessions.)

All activity will be tailored to the level of the athlete, with emphasis on pure beginners getting into a boat for the first time on day one. 


Session checklist:

Two sets of sports clothes and trainers (no baggy jumpers)

Water and a snack

Warm weather clothes

Sunglasses and scream for warmer conditions

Jacket for cold conditions

Any necessary medication

Parental permission form including waiver, which you can download here


*Costs subsidised by Active People Active Parks funding to London Youth Rowing.

Book a place

Ticket Quantity Price

Morning 4 Day Course

Decrease Increase £16.00

Afternoon 4 Day Course

Decrease Increase £16.00

Monday Taster Session

Decrease Increase £2.00

Tuesday Taster Session

Decrease Increase £2.00

Wednesday Taster Session

Decrease Increase £2.00

Thursday Taster Session

Decrease Increase £2.00

Friday Taster Session

Decrease Increase £2.00