Our Development Squad is a casual, relaxed, social rowing squad, available to help young people build their confidence and rowing skills.

Up to 2 sessions per week from 6th January to 10th February 2018*.

Monday 5-7pm and Saturday 12-2pm.

£4 per session.

Limited spaces available. Regular commitment to sessions is required.

You need not have completed a learn-to-row course to take part in these sessions. We encourage participants of all abilities to take part. Athletes will be grouped with participants of a similar ability.

Should you wish to take your rowing to the next level, there is an opportunity to progress further and join one of LYR's full racing squads. You will be advised by the coach as to when they feel you are ready to progress. 




*Start date for Saturday sessions: 6th January 2018. Start date for Monday sessions: 8th January 2018.

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Monday 5-7pm

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Saturday 12-2pm

Decrease Increase £4.00