The Centurion Challenge is where a club nominates one person to row 100km, in 2021 this is Sunday 12th September, and selects or creates a rowing outreach programme to fundraise for.

Once put forward, the Nominee will be supported and celebrated by their club ahead of and on day of the the challenge

LYR and ATH will support the nominee and their club, helping raise the profile and sponsorship potential for each Centurion



The Centurion Challenge celebrates the transformative potential that the sport of rowing can have in serving its local communities by fundraising for a community project run by the Club

In 2021 twelve clubs will selected to take part in the Centurion Challenge



The Centurion Challenge is not a race, it is a commitment to support your community by doing something extraordinary. The only winners are the people who benefit from the programmes we help fund.



If you'd like to be considered for the Centurion Challenge
please click here



Where has Centurion Challenge come from?

The Centurion Challenge is inspired by Lucy from Tees, who on the 12th June rowed 100km from Boston RC to Lincoln and back.  An epic feat in its own right. Lucy isn’t a professional athlete, she used to be an overweight trucker when she was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago. She chose rowing as a vehicle to help aid her recovery, before long she was hooked and started taking on rowing marathons as a way something back to her local community. 

With the help of Andy Triggs Hodge and LYR She also raised money for the Boston Rowing Community Project to fund a rowing programme for the pupils of Haven High School, many of whom wouldn't have the opportunity to trying rowing.  She inspired donations from local rowers and businesses alike to fund this exciting programme. 

The Centurion Challenge has been created to give a platform to excellent people like Lucy and celebrate what she, and the many people like her do for rowing and the communities who participate. 

LYR believes that the rowing community is like no other. We are dedicated to finding new, innovative and exciting ways to grow and develop the sport, while helping add value to clubs' outreach programmes across the UK. 

The Centurion Challenge is designed to engage the rowing community from across the country to further embrace inclusive and diverse rowing communities.   

The Centurion Challenge will take place on the 12th Sept 2021 and we are calling on you and your club to present your nominees. We're already working with a number of clubs from all four corners of the country for the inaugural edition and we would love for your club to put your best person forward! 

We'll be announcing the list of official participants taking on the Centurion Challenge, and their respective clubs, and if you and your club want be part of the Centurion Challenge then please fill out this form. If you miss out for 2021 we'll be in touch regarding 2022.