George learned to row with London Youth Rowing, through a beginner’s course at Globe Rowing Club. He joined the club officially then trained and raced for 5 seasons, competing at National level on the water and at the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships.

He told us all about his rowing life. 

I’m 19, fresh out of school, living in Australia where I moved in September working as a rowing coach at Fintona Girls School. At the moment I'm working with the U15s, primarily with the first quad; working towards the big event of the season, the Head of School Girls regatta.

Above: George's Australian rowing team

Originally I'm from London, which is where I learnt about rowing with Globe Rowing Club. In my last season of rowing I helped out with some coaching and realised it was actually something I really enjoyed. As a result I could see myself coaching in the future and so made the decision to fly across the world to work and train in Australia, and see if coaching was something I'd like to pursue long term.

The main thing I'd say I’ve learnt is probably what I'm able to achieve without the comforts of being at home and how with some resilience, you can live doing something you genuinely enjoy. Through hard work and commitment, rowing makes you believe you can achieve anything, and in an efficient time frame! I found I normally finished schoolwork in under half the time and to a far better quality to fit rowing in.

I'd say the most satisfying part of what I'm doing is the appreciation and the impact of rowing, something my coaches once showed me. A definite high point for me is the surpassing of the goals we set together, as well as seeing the enjoyment the kids experience from doing something they didn’t think was possible.

Above: George at work

Rowing opens the door to opportunity - start your rowing journey at the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships 2018.