The second Active Row Award was presented to Brixton Wings community centre this week at Barn Elms Boathouse, courtesy of three time Olympic Champion Andrew Triggs Hodge and MP Susan Elan Jones.

Three time Olympic Champion and Tideway Programme Manager, Andrew Triggs Hodge and MP Susan Elan Jones, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Charities and Volunteering, visited a rowing session at Barn Elms Rowing Club this week to see Active Row in action.

Above: Brixton Wings boys boating at Barn Elms Boathouse

Brixton Wings community centre are a Active Row hub, taking part in indoor and on-water rowing activity through London Youth Rowing (LYR). They were given the Active Row Award for Resilience; one of four key values within the programme which also includes Teamwork, Communication and Inclusion. Tideway generously also awarded each participant with a smart watch as an individual prize. 

Above: Andrew awards smart watch prize to Maria

The Sport and Leisure Team at Lambeth Council recently provided Brixton Wings with a small grant to enable them to participate in extra rowing sessions with LYR. 

'I felt so proud of myself and how far I've come. At the beginning I didn't know anything about rowing...if I wasn't rowing now I'd probably be inside watching TV,' said Maria, Brixton Wings participant on receiving the group award.

Together, Sport England and Tideway support LYR in providing rowing to young people in 76 schools and youth clubs across London. Over four years the programme aims to get over 8000 young people active through rowing. 

'It's great seeing your students progress from people who are nervous of boats and water, to people who want to row as much as possible in their spare time. This group are very deserving of the Resilience Award, they're a tough group who work hard during every session,' said Tinashe, LYR Community Coach.

And, on the anniversary of the London 2012 Olympics, there's no better way to celebrate it's legacy than by continuing to inspire the next generation to be active for life.