On 18th May 2017, PwC employees competed at their own office indoor rowing regatta, to raise money for LYR.

PwC are one of LYR’s corporate mentoring partners for our Breaking Barriers programme. Breaking Barriers works to provide young people with corporate mentors at weekly workshops, recognising the soft skills required to be a successful rower, such as time management, communication and teamwork, are also necessary for success in the classroom and in the workplace.

PwC are a core part of our organisation, volunteering their time and expertise to further the life experiences and prospects of our young athletes.

The indoor rowing fund-raiser saw about 100 PwC employees race throughout the day in relay and individual events. Through entry fees and donations – some of which were collected by St Angela’s School Breaking Barriers students – £4,500 had been raised by the end of the day.

PwC employee and mentor, Emma Robinson said:

‘I’ve been a Breaking Barriers mentor for nearly a year now and it has been a really rewarding experience to see the transformation in the young people and knowing that you are making an impact and hopefully a difference to their lives. The first session they can be a bit shy but by building trust and relationships they usually open up and flourish. When I was approached to help organise One Row One Day, I knew it was something I wanted to get involved in so that we could raise money to help even more young people. I was based in PwC’s More London office on the day and the energy and enthusiasm from all those who took part was tremendous. The event generated such a buzz that PwC’s Chairman and Senior Partner, Kevin Ellis popped down to see what was going on.’

Read PwC’s pre-event blog here: https://www.pwc.co.uk/who-we-are/regional-sites/london/insights/boat-race-one-row-one-day.html

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